The central aim of the World Scabies Program is to work with governments and partners to translate innovative research in scabies control and establish public health programs that will reduce the burden of scabies and its complications. This is the first global program dedicated to the elimination of scabies as a public health problem and is possible thanks to catalytic funding by the Macquarie Group Foundation 50th Celebration Awards. This award recognises this new initiative as a bold idea that addresses an area of unmet need.

The World Scabies Program 

  • translates research on scabies control strategies into practice 
  • increases global awareness on the impact of scabies 
  • supports governments to put scabies control on the national health agenda 
  • establishes country programs to implement community wide control strategies 
  • partners with communities to reduce the impact on families and livelihoods 
  • strengthens health systems to manage and monitor the disease

At a global level, the program works collaboratively with other stakeholders and countries to raise awareness of scabies as a public health problem and contributes to the mapping of global populations affected by scabies. The World Scabies Program will develop recommendations and guidelines that can be adapted and used for scabies public health programs.

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The World Scabies Program is keen to connect with other countries and programs interested in eliminating scabies as a public health problem. If you are interested in discussing scabies control contact us here.

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