Advisory groups

The World Scabies Program (WSP) works closely with its partners that include international experts/researchers, health ministries, and the World Health Organization (WHO). The program consists of various advisory groups that are focused on different aspects of the program.  

National Steering Committee

In all WSP countries there are National Steering Committees that provide oversight and governance of the program. This committee’s role is to ensure a quality, evidence-based and sustainable program is established and embedded within national policy so that it can achieve nationwide coverage. Members of this committee include local experts in dermatology, paediatrics, infectious diseases, public health and other health services. 

Fiji WSP Steering Committee was featured on the local TV station, Fiji One.

WSP Technical Advisory Group 

The technical advisory group includes experts in the control and treatment of scabies and its complications, and who have been involved in researching innovative ways to eliminate scabies.  This group provides expert technical advice on the implementation of scabies programs in Fiji and Solomon Islands. 

Members include:

  • Aalisha Sahukhan (Fiji Ministry of Health and Medical Services)
  • Oliver Sokana (Solomon Islands Ministry of Health and Medical Services)
  • Margot Whitfield (St Leonard's Hospital)
  • Asha Bowen (Telethon Kids)
  • Michael Marks (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)
  • Aya Yajima (WHO-Observer) 

WSP Global Advisory Board

The global advisory board includes global experts in neglected tropical diseases. This board will provide strategic guidance on how to establish a scalable and sustainable program, how scabies elimination fits into the NTD landscape and raises awareness of scabies as a public health problem with the global health community. 

Members include:

  • Claire Fuller (International League of Dermatological Societies/International Alliance for the Control of Scabies)
  • Julie Jacobson (Bridges to Development)
  • Paul Cantey (USA Center for Disease Control)
  • Pat Lammie (Taskforce for Global Health/Coalition for Operational Research on NTDs)
  • Grace Hollister (Evidence Action)
  • Dirk Engels (Uniting to Combat NTDs)
  • Daniel Dagne (WHO-Observer) 
  • Aya Yajima (WHO-Observer)

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