Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands is one of Australia’s closest countries and has supported and worked with MCRI through innovative research programs to find new and effective ways to eliminate scabies. Recent surveys conducted found about 19% of the population in the Solomon Islands had scabies at the time of the survey. Similar to findings in neighbouring Pacific Island countries, the rate of scabies is higher among children and infants; between 34% and 45% of children aged 5 to 9 years old were observed to have scabies.

The World Scabies Program (WSP) in the Solomon Islands is working to strengthen the local and national health system capacity for the control of scabies country wide. WSP works in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health and medical services and other partners working in Solomon Islands. More specifically, a large cohort of local Solomon Island health staff will be trained in the identification and management of scabies infestations. Where possible WSP works to integrate and coordinate with other Neglected Tropical Disease (NTDs) activities in the country to establish a streamlined and efficient approach to tackling multiple diseases in the community. 

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