• Permethrin Cream Arrives Honiara 1

    Permethrin cream arrives in Honiara

    Exciting times, permethrin cream has arrived in Honiara!

    The team has been working up a sweat unloading 495 boxes this week! We are getting ready for the start of the Mass Drug Administration in Solomon Islands in June.

    Go team! 

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    Community consultations underway in Fiji

    The WSP Fiji team have been visiting communities in Fiji’s Central and Western divisions to consult on our upcoming work. We will be training Community Health Workers on scabies transmission and treatments so they can share this knowledge with their local community. We had a great time testing out a new scabies Flipchart, which we will be providing to the Community Health Workers.

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  • Fiji West Complete2

    Post MDA prevalence survey complete in Fiji's Western Division

    Over the past 2 weeks the WSP Fijian team have been hard at work in the Western Division conducting the post MDA scabies prevalence survey.

    The nursing units have been using their skin examination skills and have finished surveying the local community this week. Up next is the Central and Eastern divisions of Fiji with training taking place in May.
    A big vinaka to all the nurses and the wonderful Fijian community for participating in the survey!

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  • NTD Workshop Sols

    WSP team attends Ministry of Health & Medical Services workshop in Solomon Islands

    In March, the WSP team took part in a workshop to review the Solomon Islands Ministry Of Health & Medical Services new Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) unit's 5-year corporate plan.
    The workshop was attended by Solomon Island's Provincial Health Directors, partner organisations (including WSP, Kirby Institute, and The Fred Hollows Foundation) and NTD unit staff.
    The workshop ran over 3 days and was a very productive meeting to consolidate plans for this important new unit within the Ministry of Health and Medical Services in Solomon Islands!
    Huge congratulations to the NTD unit team for bringing these different actors together for an opportunity to participate in co-design and collaboration in action. 

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  • Fiji Western 2

    Post MDA prevalence survey continues in Fiji's Western Division

    The Fiji team has had a bustling week in Lautoka, gearing up for a post MDA scabies prevalence survey in the Western Division!

    Nurses were trained to perform skin examinations for scabies and bacterial skin infections, and data officers learnt how to use Redcap to collect the data on tablets.
    Then, the survey team headed to a village for a mock exercise to put their skin examination practice into action!
    They'll be hitting the field post-Easter on Tuesday to commence the survey.

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  • MDA In Sols

    MDA underway in Solomon Islands

    MDA is now underway in Solomon Islands, starting in Temotu Province!

    These nurses and health workers will be travelling around Temotu province in the coming month to deliver 2 doses of scabies medicine to the 20,000 people living there thanks to Solomon Islands and Australia partnership in health. 

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  • Sols MDA Prep 3

    Team Solomon Islands ready for MDA round 2!

    The team in Solomon Islands have spent the last few weeks very busily finalising budgets, gathering supplies, measuring and painting height sticks and preparing training materials.

    MDA kicks off in Temotu next week!

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  • Fiji Northern

    Post MDA prevalence survey underway in Fiji, commencing in the Northern Division

    The Fiji team has been busy in Labasa this week preparing for a post MDA scabies prevalence survey in the Northern Division! This included a mock exercise in a village to practice randomly selecting the households to survey.

    Nurses were trained to conduct skin examinations for scabies and bacterial skin infection and will be heading out on Monday to carry out the survey.

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  • Screenshot 2023 12 12 At 3.12.36 Pm

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the WSP Teams!

    Thank you for all your support in 2023 and we look forward to seeing you next year! We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 🎉🎉

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  • 405197956 310280031911076 7852270251341201128 N

    World First Prevalence Survey of Scabies Completed in French Polynesia

    Over the last two months WSP has partnered with French Polynesia's Regulatory Agency for Public Health and Social Action to conduct the country's first prevalence survey of scabies and bacterial skin infection. The study was funded by WSP and the Pacific Fund.

    A small team of skilled and enthusiastic French Polynesian doctors, nurses, and data officers were trained in research ethics, study methodology, and Child Safety.

    Over three weeks, 1771 people of all ages were examined from randomly selected households across two islands (Tahiti and Mo'orea). The study team toiled in challenging conditions of blistering heat, downpours, and a lower house occupancy than anticipated. Scabies and bacterial skin infection were found to be problematic in all neighbourhoods. Results will be available in early 2024 and will inform French Polynesia's public health response.

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