World Scabies Program at the 2023 Fiji Showcase

Wednesday, July 26, 2023 - 12:00 PM

The 2023 Fiji Showcase is the largest trade and entertainment event showcasing government and non-government organizations and local businesses in Fiji. This event strengthens partnerships between private and government sectors and showcases each area of expertise to the public. The World Scabies Program partnered with Communication Fiji Ltd (CFL) to hold a neglected tropical disease (NTD) stall at the event.

It was great timing for WSP as the program had just completed mass drug administration (MDA) nationwide. This platform provided an opportunity for attendees to learn about scabies MDA as well as receive medication. Health promotional materials such as scabies posters, flyers, pamphlets were provided as giveaways to the public. There was continuous support from radio announcers and other local media which boosted our campaign towards scabies elimination. Daily interviews from CFL announcers took place and writers from the local paper, the Fiji Times, took time to visit the NTD booth and straight away advocate our initiative. This resulted in huge numbers flocking in for their share of scabies treatment.

MDA coverage attained during Fiji Showcase 2023 was well over 500 people in the Central Division. 

Thank you to CFL for their huge support in communications for 2023.


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