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    WSP partnered with Mediaplanet UK to launch the NTDs campaign! Read an interview with WSP about beating scabies!

    Launching today! We partnered with Mediaplanet UK to bring together the NTDs campaign – aiming to highlight how we can successfully achieve the WHO’s 2030 road map and ensure the elimination of NTDs.

    Visit to read an interview with WSP about beating scabies!

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    Scabies Control Framework Published

    A new policy paper titled A Framework for Scabies Control is now available in PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases. In this paper the authors outline recommendations from the WHO Informal Consultation for a Framework for Scabies Control and discusses the approach in the context of the WHO Roadmap for NTDs 2021-2030.

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    Scabies course available on OpenWHO learning platform

    The World Scabies Program contributed to a new scabies online course developed by the World Health Organisation and now available on the OpenWHO learning platform. The scabies course if free and open to all. 

    Click here to Enrol today and start learning about scabies!

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    Macquarie 50th Anniversary Award WSP Video

    The Macquarie Group Foundation interviewed the WSP Director, Prof. Andrew Steer, on how the World Scabies Program aims to demonstrate that scabies can be eliminated as a public health problem at a national scale and how the program is working in the context of COVID-19. 

    Visit the Macquarie Group Foundation website to watch the video now.

    Link to video:

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    Listen to the latest episode of the Spot Diagnosis Podcast featuring WSP Director Professor Andrew Steer

    Listen in here to experts A/Prof Alvin Chong and Professor Andrew Steer discuss scabies, a scourge that has been with humanity for over 2,500 years. Learn where to look for scabies mite burrows, what makes you itch, and war time experiments undertaken to work out exactly how the mites are spread… Are you scratching yourself already?

    The Spot Diagnosis is a podcast series by the Skin Health Institute.

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    The WSP Communications Information Package is now available

    The WSP Communications Information Package is available for download on the WSP website. The WSP Info package is designed to be easily shared.

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    Introducing the World Scabies Program Fiji Team

    The World Scabies Program Fiji is excited to introduce the new WSP Fiji team. The WSP Fiji team will be working with all Divisional and Sub-Divisional Health Offices to implement the scabies MDA throughout the country.  

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    The World Scabies Program celebrates the second annual World NTD Day today

    WSP has joined over 300 organizations and partners around the world to celebrate the second World NTD Day 2021 on 30 January. 

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    Scabies control targets launched this week in the WHO NTD Roadmap 2021 - 2030

    The World Scabies Program is excited the World Health Organization (WHO) Neglected Tropical Disease (NTD) Roadmap 2030 launched this week, includes targets for scabies control to end the neglect of scabies and beat NTDS.

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    WSP Director wins Jian Zhou Medal

    WSP Director, Professor Andrew Steer is one of the first recipients of the Jian Zhou Medal from the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences for his contribution to reducing the burden of scabies.  

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