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    World Scabies Program at the 2023 Fiji Showcase

    The 2023 Fiji Showcase is the largest trade and entertainment event showcasing government and non-government organizations and local businesses in Fiji. This event strengthens partnerships between private and government sectors and showcases each area of expertise to the public. The World Scabies Program partnered with Communication Fiji Ltd (CFL) to hold a neglected tropical disease (NTD) stall at the event.

    It was great timing for WSP as the program had just completed mass drug administration (MDA) nationwide. This platform provided an opportunity for attendees to learn about scabies MDA as well as receive medication. MDA coverage attained during Fiji Showcase 2023 was well over 500 people in the Central Division. 

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    Solomon Islands MDA has been completed throughout the whole country!

    In the Solomon Islands, we have some very exciting news! The mass drug administration throughout the whole country is now finished! A big congratulations to all involved in this huge effort to treat the whole country with scabies community treatment! 

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    Farewell to all MDA staff in the Central Subdivision of Fiji

    Farewell to all the mass drug administration nurses, volunteers, community health works (CHW's) and drivers for the whole of the Central Subdivision in Fiji. In the photo below, the teams in the Rewa Subdivision held a farewell celebration yesterday at Wainibokasi Hospital. Thank you for your dedication and hard work!


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    Photographers join the Fiji MDA team in Suva for a day

    Today in the field in Fiji, we have a photographer and videographer taking footage of the mass drug administration in Suva as well as interviewing nurses and those involved in implementing the program. The photographers started at the health center to capture the nurses preparing for the days work ahead and shadowed them throughout a whole day to capture important footage. 

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    Solomon Islands MDA reaches some of the remotest parts of the Solomon Islands

    In the Solomon Islands, the mass drug administration (MDA) teams have been working hard to reach some of the remotest parts of the Solomon Islands in Reef Island, Vanikoro Island and Utupua Island to distribute scabies medication. Well done to all involved!

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    The Fijian Ministry of Health and Services posts on Facebook to promote the MDA

    In Fiji, teams of Nurses and Volunteers are being deployed around the country to provide services that help eradicate scabies, targeting every member of the community regardless of whether they have signs or symptoms of infection. The Fijian Ministry of Health and Services recently posted on their Facebook to promote the MDA.

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    Fiji village features an article on our MDA intervention to help reduce the spread of scabies

    In Fiji, the World Scabies Program mass drug administration (MDA) intervention to help reduce the spread of scabies is currently underway across the country! Fiji village has featured an online article promoting the MDA. 

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    The Fiji World Scabies Program MDA community awareness video

    Scabies can cause serious health problems if left untreated. Mass drug administration (MDA) is being conducted around Fiji to stop the spread. Watch the Fiji World Scabies Program MDA community awareness video below for more information. 

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  • Naitasiri

    MDA Training in the Central Division of Fiji

    The WSP team have been undertaking mass drug administration (MDA) training across the Central Division of Fiji. Nurses, community health workers (CHWS) and Turaga-ni-Koro’s (TNKs) have been trained in areas such as, Naitasiri, Tailevu, Seru/Namosi and Rewa.

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    MDA training is completed in the Western Division of Fiji

    The MDA training in the Western Division of Fiji has been completed. Nurses and CHWs were trained in safe MDA medicine administration and reporting, community awareness and monitoring. WSP also ran sessions with the Western Turaga-ni-Koro’s (TNKs) to provide essential information about the upcoming scabies MDA. 

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